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In any type of economic environment, converting receivables and past due accounts into cash in a timely, cost effective manner is a constant challenge. The professionals at Sterling Credit Corporation meet this challenge daily. We are an established accounts receivable management firm with a proven track record for improving the bottom line of our clients.

Successful Recoveries are based on relationships. Our relationship with our clients is ethical, professional and focused on your unique collection requirements. Because we treat your debtors with the utmost tact and consideration while remaining resolute in our purpose and collection procedures, our relationship with your debtors is that of counselor and problem solver.

Sterling Credit Corporation is committed to using our best efforts in accordance with the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA), Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and all applicable state laws and local statutes to bring each account we handle to a conclusion that best serves the interests of our clients.

We provide a variety of options by which to submit your receivables accounts.

We thoroughly screen all placements prior to initiating recovery efforts

We thoroughly review and prioritize each receivable submitted to identify those accounts that are most likely to pay in a timely and complete manner and assign our more experienced collectors to those accounts that may present a challenge.

Sterling Credit Corporation has a long standing relationship with a network of recovery agents that enables us to negotiate very competitive repossession prices. As a result, we charge a flat fee for repossessions that is typically among the lowest in the industry and, in most cases, storage fees are waived.

Providing reasonable and responsible repayment options is a critical tool for recovering receivables. Our collectors are trained to seek payment in full on every account assigned to them, but we do realize that there are circumstances in which a repayment plan is the most practical path to full recovery. Our agents are skilled at negotiating repayment plans that result in complete recovery in a timely fashion.

Sterling Credit Corporation provides and encourages debtors to take advantage of the option to have their payments automatically deducted from their credit card, debit card or checking account and also provides online and pay by phone services.

Whether your receivables are 30, 60 or 90 days delinquent, charged off loans, negative account balances or charges for services rendered, Sterling Credit Corporation is equipped to recover them at any point in the life of the delinquency.

As a member of national credit bureaus, we have the ability, with your authorization, to report your delinquent accounts on a monthly basis; and this powerful collection tool is available to you at no cost. Sterling is in complete compliance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Communications with our clients is ongoing. Once an account is assigned for collection, an acknowledgment letter with a Debtor-Referral Report is sent to you as a confirmation. During the month, our clients also receive a Trust Statement, Active Accounts Statement and a Closed/Return Account Report along with a check from Sterling Credit representing collections for the month. All this is sent to you by the 15th of the month. Custom inventory and analysis reports to your specifications can also be generated on an as needed basis.

Our executive team is made up of professionals from the financial services industry and possess extensive collections and collection policy experience. We can train your newly hired collection staff as well as existing collectors to ensure that your team is effective, compliant and professional.

Additionally, Sterling Credit Corporation can provide your organization with guidance and assistance  when navigating regulatory reviews and audits as they relate to your collection practices.

A powerful training and accountability tool.

We offer debtors a wide variety of payment options in order to recover each receivable as quickly and completely as possible. Debtors can securely make payments by mail, over the phone with a staff member, on our automated telephone payment system or online.

Our more than 30 years of experience combined with our long standing relationships with industry leading skip tracing and asset recovery software and service providers allows Sterling Credit Corporation to locate debtor information through multiple databases.

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